Unity: Part One

Unity is a very important quality necessary for harmony in the home, community and Church. Even though we might be many we can all work together as one, and our ability to work together will produce quality result; the Bible says  “one will chase a thousand while two will chase ten thousand”. Currently, all over the world we are trusting God for revival and transformations in homes, community,  Churches, and  return of God’s glory to His Church. To achieve all this we need to work together as one and seek God’s face in prayer together, Share the truth of God’s word together and work in the vine yard together as one. Unity is a long term struggle and we need to begin to work on each other to overcome it. If we can work and fight together as one the Lord will fight for us and grant us victory at home, in our community and Church.

Looking at the word of Jesus in John 17:20-23 , it occurred to me that Jesus is encouraging us to take on the quality that has helped Him to succeed in His mission. He abode in the father and the father was in Him and both of them worked together as one. Jesus released His glory to us for the purpose of unity, so that He can dwell in us while the father dwells in Him, so that we can be one with them as a body of Christ. He asked that we all be made complete so that the world may know that God ( the father) sent Him ( Jesus) and that God loved us as He( Jesus) has been loved. In my humble opinion, the implication of Christians not working together as individuals or as a Church is that we are telling the world that Jesus has not come from the father, and that we are not true followers of Jesus and  that the glory of Jesus is only given to His disciples. What then can we do to overcome the disunity in homes and Churches?

The first area of focus is love; to work together  and live in unity we need to love each other  unconditionally. Think about each other in the mind of God and see individuals with God’s eyes.  Henry Nouwen wrote,” Love unites all, whether created or uncreated. The heart of God, the heart of all creation, and our hearts become one in love. This is what all the great mystic have been trying to tell us through the ages; Benedict, Frances, Hildegard of Bingen, Hadewijich of Brabant, Meister Eckhart, Teresa of Avila, John of the cross, Dag Hammarskjold, Thomas Merton and many others, all  in their ways and  own languages, have witnessed the  unifying power of the divine love. All of them , however, spoke with a knowledge that came to them not through intellectual arguments but through contemplative prayer. The Spirit of Jesus allowed them to see the heart of God, the heart of Universe, and their own heart as one. It is in the heart of God that we can come to the full realisation of the unity of all that is  created and uncreated”.

Prayer points:

1. Lord Jesus, fill our hearts with your love and the love of the Father, so that our hearts may think and act in the love of the Father even through our strengths and weaknesses.

2. Lord Jesus, let your love unite husbands with their wives and parents with their children.

3. Lord Jesus, release to your Church the wisdom to work together as one body.


Blessings always,

Rev. Mrs. Ayoka Olabisi