Reflexology and John 13:1-5

I had a great experience yesterday (22/8/2020) while having reflexology done on my feet. Reflexology is a type of massage involving the application of pressure to the feet, hands and ear. Reflexology theory is generally based on the fact that the toes are connected to various part of the body (Cirino, 2018). There are various theories on the benefit of reflexology, I will focus this writing on the Zone theory.

According to the zone theory, the body is divided into ten vertical zones. Each zone is connected to a different part of the body and associates each part to specific fingers and toes. It is believed that it is possible to access body parts by touching the fingers and the toes. There are well-established health benefits such as stress relief.

The practitioner prepared my feet with a warm gentle massage and left it for a few minutes before beginning an intense massage of my feet and each of my toes. As she started the full massage my mind went to the part of the bible in John 13: 1-5, where Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. We have always associated this humble act of Jesus to servant leadership style, but at that moment I felt that there was more to that act. The disciples were probably stressed with the knowledge of Christ’s impending death, and Christ was doing everything possible to calm them down. He guided himself, got a bowl of water and washed the disciple’s feet. This was to assure them of His relationship with them and His continuous support at that crucial moment. Peter resisted the washing of his feet until Jesus told him the implication of his action before he could surrender his feet to be washed.

Likewise the majority of us today, we struggle to surrender our problem and situations to Jesus Christ our saviour because we feel wise in our own eyes. Let us allow Jesus to relief our stress, let Him carry your burden for you, accept His offer of rest to you. If you can surrender your life to Jesus He will take care of you, keep you secure and grant you peace on every side.