Emotionally Healthy Spirituality ( EHS) is a deep beneath the surface transformational journey that will equip you with tools on how to have deep interior life with Christ.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS) is a new concept which I believe will help the church tremendously in the area of emotional and spiritual maturity of the people of God in our churches in United Kingdom. It is a great tool for effective discipleship of our time.

In 2012 in one of our Bible conferences arose the inquisition “What more can we do” for us to have positive response to the gospel in our different communities. All through 2012 and 2013 I was carrying this question around with me and I started putting together all that God was impressing on my heart and the book “working towards a fruitful harvest” was born.

In May 2013, early morning at 7am, I heard God whispered to my heart “Pastoring with Emotions”; that was a day before our Sunday school teachers and church leader’s conference titled “what more can we do”.  I did not delay, I started researching into the theme/ topic, straight after the conference and step by step God ordered my step until I got hold of the book called” Emotionally Healthy Church”  With further help from God, we got to where we are at this point.

This is the summary or the picture of my findings, as researched by Pete and Geri  Scazzero, who themselves had applied the principle into their life and ministry. We have people in our churches who are good worshippers, hard working and zealous but not loving, we have people who are diligent and very committed but have no interest in people and we have people who are loving and caring who are even into counselling but are not investing time into knowing Christ deeply. We are aiming to bring these two concept together, emotion and contemplative spirituality.

We learn many skills to be competent in our careers and at school but don’t learn the skills necessary to grow into an emotionally mature adult who loves well. The Bible makes it very clear to us what we need to do but we need to learn how to apply the truth practically and effectively the truths that we believe. For example;

– How can I be quick to hear and slow to speak?

– How can I be angry and not sin?

– How can I be the peace maker?

– How can I mourn?

– How can I get rid of all bitterness, rage and envy?

– How can I watch my heart?

The outcome of our inability to work out our beliefs is that our churches and relationships within the church are not qualitatively any different from the world around us. Preaching powerful messages alone cannot take us to the level of maturity required rather we need intentional discipleship.

EHS, will help people develop a deep personal transformation relationship with Jesus Christ, out of which they will serve the world.

This programme will help us individually to find ourselves, find and love others and serve God well.

It is curriculum based.

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EHS Course

EHS Course Overview.

week 1 The problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality

week 2 Know yourself that you may know God

week 3 Go back to Go Forward

week 4 Journey through the wall

week 5 Enlarge your Soul through Grief and loss

week 6 Discover the Rhythms of the Daily Office

week 7 Grow into an Emotionally Mature Adult

week 8 Go the next Step to Develop a “Rule of Life”