Be Still And Listen

Elijah the man of God shortly after he had enjoyed the honor of instant answer to prayer by calling fire down from heaven (1 Kings 18:1-46) found himself running away from Jezebel for fear of death (1 Kings 19:3).  He got to a point  where he prayed that he might die and said  ” it is enough ! Now, Lord, take my life, for I am no better than my fathers!”

After his prayer, the Lord sent Angel to feed and water him after which he regained strength to continue in his journey, for another forty days and forty night, then he rested another night in the cave, and the word of The Lord came to him” What are you doing here, Elijah”. God asked him to go out to the mountains so He could have space to speak with him, when he God to the mountain there was earthquake , strong wind, fire but God is not in them but after the fire was a still small voice, and Elijah had the voice, and God gave him instructions regarding the important steps he need to take.

Sometimes we respond to situations in fear before seeking God’s face and lead oneself into more difficult situations so much that we don’t even realise we have no sense of direction. We are doing so many things and became too busy even to hear What God is saying to us.

But if we can just slow down, take a rest , have a break, seek God’s face and let God speak to us and give us instructions and directions, solutions will come to us quicker than we can imagine.

Be still and see what The Lord will do. Do not be afraid , stand still and see the salvation of The Lord, which he will accomplish for you Exodus 14:13.